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Have you ever been proud of a ride and thought 'I deserve a medal for that'. Well now you can with JOMP Virtual Cycling.


JOMP Virtual Cycling is the idea of three friends who retired from playing rugby and decided to take up cycling to keep fit and active. As beginners, we found the challenge of cycling really rewarding and soon caught the cycling bug. We thought about competing in cycling events and although we entered some races, we soon realised that we frequently missed events as we were spending time with family and working full time. The idea for JOMP Virtual Cycling came from this.  It gives people the opportunity to take part in a virtual race where the start line could be your front door, your local gym, park, or anywhere you like!


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, JOMP Virtual Cycling enables you to be rewarded for your efforts by entering one of our virtual races. You can take part in your own time, do it at your own pace and wherever you want. You can compete in a group, take part as a family on a leisurely ride or even on your daily commute. We want you to achieve your goal.


JOMP believe cycling is a sport accessible to everyone, is a great way to keep fit and healthy and encourages you to discover the area in which you live.

There are a number of races for entrants to compete in. Choose one of our distance races (10Km, 25Km, 50Km, 75Km or 100 mile) or our open distance races where you set the distance to challenge yourself. We also have JOMP Kids races to encourage the younger generation to join in.


Once complete, JOMP Virtual Cycling will reward you for your achievement with one of our uniquely designed medals. You are not against the clock and the races are totally flexible, enabling you to reach your goal.


At JOMP Virtual Cycling we not only want to encourage and reward people for getting active and out on their bikes we also want to help others. Signing up to any of our races also includes a donation to a worthwhile charity (see our races page for more details on our chosen charities).


Just click enter, choose your race distance, then book your race entry. Once entered, complete your ride by the end of the month. Send us your race evidence and we'll post your medal to you. If you use one of the many cycling tracking apps or a sports watch, you can take a screenshot of your ride or if you do your ride in the gym, a photo of the display will be sufficient.  All race evidence to be emailed to the following address:




We look forward to sending you your well deserved medal soon!!

JOMP Virtual Cycling

'Working to motivate, encourage and reward an active healthy lifestyle through cycling.'