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What is 'virtual cycling'?

Virtual cycling is a virtual race for cyclists that can take place wherever you want, in your own time and at your own pace. A virtual cycling race can be completed on a Road Bike, on a Mountain Bike, on the Turbo Trainer/Exercise Bike or even during another event, wherever!


How do I enter a race?

It’s simple! Click on the Races tab and choose either one of the Distance races, Open distance or Kids race then click add to cart, then click again to complete your purchase. (Just follow the instructions)

Once you have registered just complete your ride by the end of the month, send us your race evidence and we will send you your medal in the post!


What do you mean by race evidence?

If you use one of the many apps available to track your rides, you can send us a screen shot and email the evidence that you’ve completed the race distance you signed up for. Also a picture of a sports watch tracker or display on a cycling machine if you like.  Race evidence must be emailed to the address: and refrence your name and race number. You will be sent an automated response to confirm your evidence has been received!


Can I send pictures of my ride?

Of course! We encourage it. We love to see the amazing places ‘JOMPERS’ end up! If you’re posting to social media Hash tag it with the name #JOMP . We will repost on social media and put our favorites on our website Gallery.


Where can I check if I have entered?

Once you have entered a race, you can confirm that you have a place in a number of ways. You will receive a PayPal receipt confirming your entry, you can also click on the ‘Entries To This Race So Far...’ banner on the 'races' page to see a list of entrants. Please allow 48 hours from time of entry for your entry to appear on the entries list.


Who can enter a virtual race?

Anyone and everyone! We would ask that if you have children (under 16) who would like to enter, they should complete the distance under supervision and with a competing parent/guardian but apart from that there are no restrictions. Just ‘JOMP’ on your bike and have a go.


Can I enter with a group?

Of course! We welcome groups of friends, cycling clubs or even the whole family to take part. On our web page there will be the hall of fame where you can compare against other ‘JOMPER’S’ and have a bit of friendly competition. Also, if there are more than 10 of you entering at once please contact us for our group discount prices before entering.


When will I get my awesome medal?

Medals are sent out twice a month, on the 15th and the last day of each month.


How do you know where to send my medal to?

All medals will be sent to the address that is registered on your PayPal account. If medals are sent to an address that has been added incorrectly or not updated (after moving house etc) we ask for a £5 admin fee to cover costs and send out an additional medal. If you would like your medal sent to a different address please email us after entering on


I’m not in the UK, can I still enter?

Of course! Although we do have to charge a small postage fee to anyone entering from outside of the UK. Just choose your country at checkout and your ready to race!                      

What are you waiting for #JOMP on your bike and be safe!