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CES Sport 700x25 Carbon Clincher 50mm Wheelset

CES Wheel Review Image

We were kindly asked by Joe from CES Sport if we would test and review their new 700x25 Carbon Clincher 50mm wheelset. We did not hesitate and gratefully accepted. We were given a brief rundown of the wheel and a bit behind the idea of this new venture. It is a goal of CES Sport to create a great value for money carbon fibre wheels, and they have definitely excelled in achieving that goal.


These wheels are extremely competitively priced at £600 for the set with the additional option of changing the colour scheme from a red logo to a colour of their choice to match a colour scheme they may have running. Additionally, there is an option for a Shimano or Compag compatible rear hub. Regarding the weight, the combined weight is 1655g (50mm depth) you cannot get much lighter for such a deep sectioned wheel.


The carbon wheel itself is extremely light, but that is not its only asset. After riding these wheels for over 100km it is evident that they have a very high aero dynamic efficiency for their size (50mm) this is about the limit that you would want out on the road, for sportives or triathlons. CES kindly providing these wheels with ‘Continental Gatorskin’ tyres which are known to be heavier than your average tyre but this did not take away any of the wheel’s performance characteristics. Yes, you can have a lighter tyre that would be more beneficial to your effort against power ratio – if your all about splitting hairs.


The wheels get up to speed with hardly any effort and feel effortless to spin up from being so light and rigid, and the response when wanting to accelerate out on the road is superb. The wheels offer a very smooth ride for a rigid carbon wheel which was not initially expected but it’s what it delivered. The rolling noise of the wheel and hub itself was reasonably quiet which we thought was good as it is not distracting or droning on times but there are some that would prefer the world to hear that they have a set of carbon wheels when they ride passed.



The carbon braking face on this wheel is very effective, it is difficult to tell if you were using a carbon braking face or an alloy face. The ride we took them on was in dry conditions and would have been good to test them in the wet, all other factors aside. The brake blocks that are provided with the wheels work very well.


To put it in a nut shell, you cannot go wrong with this wheel set, they are outstanding value for money. When riding the wheels there was nothing to fault with them, it felt like you were riding a premium set of carbon wheels that could cost up to 2, 3, 4 times the cost of these wheels.


If you are looking to move from an alloy wheel to a carbon wheel or even buy another set of carbon wheels, we highly recommend the CES 50 wheel. They are of a superior finish and we think that they have a great look to them, simple yet very effective.



Superb wheel, comfortable, aerodynamic, rigid, good looking and great value for money.



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